Emotional skills development

Emotional intelligence and emotional skills are more critical success factors in most work roles than high IQ or technical skills. Emotional intelligence pioneer Daniel Goleman and Robert Buchele found in their study that up to 90% of leaders’ success is explained by good emotional intelligence. The Forum Corporation on Manufacturing and Services study revealed that 70% of customers were lost because of EI-related reasons (e.g. poor customer service).

What is emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is a set of skills that can be learned and strengthened. These skills help us achieve goals and succeed in life. An emotionally intelligent person is loyal to herself and skillful in dealing with others. Emotional intelligence and its development can be measured. 

Our EQi-2.0 certified consultants can help your people develop their emotional skills and thus increase job satisfaction, as well as enhance your company’s performance.

We also can help you to seek and find the most emotionally intelligent professionals.