Leadership Development

Your field of responsibility is wide and complex. As a leader, you should ask yourself daily: “Will my subordinates achieve their goals more easily with or without me?”

As job satisfaction develops, staff turnover decreases, employee productivity increases, and customer loyalty improves. This has a positive effect on profitability. It has been proven, for example, in a study covering almost two million employees and more than 80,000 business units. (London School of Economics, March 2019 Employee Wellbeing, Productivity and Firm Performance Christian Krekel George Ward Jan-Emmanuel De Neve) 


As a leader, your task is to create a preconditions for job satisfaction and aim for the best possible use of people’s skills. Job satisfaction is the result of your input.

By developing leadership skills with us, you will achieve measurable results. Our consultants have extensive practical management experience and a long background in developing leadership partnering with various industries. The development methods we use are based on scientific research, for example:

WorkPlace Big Five personality ratings

– Individual, team and 360 assessments of emotional skills EQi-2.0